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Smile and Say Cheese!

At Good Highland Food, we know the importance of using good quality cheeses in our dishes. That’s why we source it from the Highlands and Islands where possible, from the likes of Fine Highland Cheeses in Tain, Connage Highland Dairy in Ardersier and the Isle of Mull Cheese.

It’s one of the most versatile ingredients we use, combining it with other fresh ingredients to make sauces, soups, tarts – and let’s not forget softer cheeses like mascarpone and ricotta for creating deliciously creamy desserts.

Cheese is also a great dish to serve up at any formal or informal event. There’s the traditional after-dinner cheeseboard, or it can be served up in delicious canapés or in a fondue form. It’s also becoming an increasingly popular choice for brides and grooms who are looking for a savoury alternative to the traditional fruit-laced wedding cake.

As you can see our chefs don’t just like tasty cheese, they like to add a bit to the presentation too!

Good Highland Cheese