Our Commitment to using Local Food

Good Highland Food has built a great reputation for its food fundamentally based on the use of great local produce. We are well blessed in the Highlands and Islands with  locally and organically reared meats, as well as some of the best game, fish and seafood in the world and so many fine cheeses …. we are spoilt for choice with our Good Highland cheeseboard.  And, that’s not to mention some of the other great producers of garlic, organic salad, vegetables, berries and rapeseed oil to name but a few.

It would be wrong to write about great producers without mentioning the fantastic range of whisky and micro breweries we have on our doorstep – we’re quite partial to adding a flavour of our local (and national) drinks to the menu too!

Its a great industry to be in with so many committed local producers, we couldn’t be prouder! The service we have grown our business on includes regular contact and an old fashioned way of doing business with many of our producers. We’re grateful to them for their on-going support which allows us to continue to provide a real local flavour on our menus and great tasting food for our customers.

We’ve been offering an outside catering service in the Highlands for over 15 years and are still coming across great producers. If you have a product you would like to introduce us to – please get in touch.

Finally a mention for Isle of Skye Fudge. Carole’s fudge is the best we can find – it’s a regular feature on the Good Highland Menu, so much so that at last week’s windfarm launch, the event organisers left with the bulk of our supply…… for those who have it on the menu, don’t worry, that’s us signing off so we can order more!